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The game theory built into Hex is unlike any system ever devised. The onboarding process through referrals and the adoption amplifier (AA) will continue to bring new people in and also keep their attention.

Both the referral system and adoption amplifier end in November 2020. From here, the price could go up as Hex becomes more difficult to obtain, unless a number of stakes end at the same time causing people to sell.

Hex could also go to zero, so do not consider this financial advice.

One price prediction shows HEX at 33 cents ($.33).


hex cryptocurrency
hex cryptocurrency
HEX Coin

What is Hex Crypto?

Hex is a new ERC-20 token that pays holders instead of miners. According to Richard Heart, cryptocurrencies are worth more as stores of value. It is based on advanced game theory and sets out to “correct” everything that is wrong with Bitcoin.

Holders of the token are encouraged to stake their coins for greater rewards over time, similar to a CD deposit in the world of banking. The longer you stake, the greater the reward.

The net worth of Richard Heart is unknown, but he claims to have gotten rich from his marketing business in the early 2000s. He says he made over 60 million dollars but this may or may not be true.


This is the first question on everyone’s mind. At this time, if you do your due diligence, the project does not appear to be a scam. One reason is that many of the coins are being airdropped to Bitcoin holders for free. There is no “buying in” early on, at least not until it is listed on an exchange. Therefore you cannot buy Hex coins to start.

There are countless interviews you will need to watch to follow understand the project. Read a review of Hex here.
Claim Your Hex Here

No, there is no ICO because this is an airdrop only. The token will inflate based on the number of people who claim their tokens, and also to reward people based on the well designed game theory.

hex — blockchain cd
hex — blockchain cd

Always do your own research about any crypto project or fork. Never share your private key with anyone!

If you watch enough of Richard Heart’s YouTube videos, you will realize there is an immense amount of thought and work that has gone into this project. The debate about whether it is a scam or Ponzi scheme will continue, but upon closer look it seems to check out. Only time will tell.

Claim your Hex here and get an extra 10%, or learn about the features of this interesting cryptocurrency project.

The HEX big payday is over, and there will never be another one.

In simple terms, the HEX share rate just means that the sooner you start your stake (meaning, yesterday was a better rate than today) the better your long term earnings potential.

Staking long term guarantees you the share rate RIGHT NOW.

It was designed so that shorter stakes ending over and over could never outperform longer stakes, since shorter stakes would keep losing shares.

After the Big Pay Day, the HEX share rate is expected to drop dramatically, so many people are even ending their shorter stakes in order to re-stake for longer to keep their share rate for longer.

How to Claim Hex with Bitcoin

The HEX bitcoin claim phase is over.2020 HEX News and Updates

This is confirmed to be true, or so it seems.

Given the emergence of Uniswap, a whale or whales seems to be adding a ton of ETH into the AA lobby each day in order to prevent extreme arbitrage opportunities.

Will this hurt the project? Right now it is unknown what the effect will be.

You can read more about ETH recycling here.

Right now the best way to obtain HEX with a 10% bonus is by using the adoption amplifier to transform ETH, or claim it for free with bitcoin you held at the snapshot date.

Hex can be obtained on the Uniswap decentralized exchange. However, if you want to get the 10% transfer bonus you need to use the ETH transform from the adoption amplifier.

“Pumpamentals” refers to the design of the HEX project, which is intended to do 10,000X over 2.5 years. This is not promised, but it is designed this way but anything could happen.

It is a mixture of game theory, marketing, the launch and free claim phase, and staking of HEX without interest payouts based on your share rate.

You can view all of the current stats as well as your own stakes, claims, and total supply of HEX at the main website.

The current HEX price will fluctuate wildly over the course of 2020, but one prediction estimates it could reach 33 cents ($.33).

The HEX contract address is 0x2b591e99afe9f32eaa6214f7b7629768c40eeb39

When was the Hex Snapshot Launch and Airdrop?

The HEX snapshot was December 2nd at the first Bitcoin block mined after 00:00:00 UTC. That’s 4pm PST otherwise known as 00:00 UTC on the 2nd of December.

You need to have had your Bitcoin in a wallet where you own the private keys at the snapshot.

After the snapshot, you can transform your BTC into ETH somewhere for input to the AdoptionAmplifier the next day.

This lets you FreeClaim and Transform your value into HEX. There’s also the 20% speed bonus on day 1 FreeClaims!

You need to have some ETH in your wallet to be able to FreeClaim with a BTC signature or Transform ETH into HEX.

1 Billion HEX day 1 was up for grabs. 500 million every day after.

The AdoptionAmplifier transformation lobby opens the day after the snapshot.

Claiming, Staking, and HEX coming out of the lobby happens the 2nd day after the snapshot.

You must have access to the private keys to your Bitcoin address having a balance at that exact block height to be able to submit a claim after.


You must have access to the private keys to your Bitcoin address having a balance at that exact blockheight to be able to submit a claim after.

The HEX contract launched at 00:00:00 UTC the next day after the snapshot. You will have a day to gather up ETH and convert BTC into ETH to join the Adoption Amplifier.

This way you can both FreeClaim and then transform the BTC to ETH to transform into HEX via the AA system. If you don’t already have BTC it’s very likely you will make much more HEX buying ETH to send to the AA system, than by buying BTC just to FreeClaim with it.

If you have a normal or segwit bitcoin address, you are very likely to be eligible to claim.

hex cryptocurrency
hex cryptocurrency
HEX Coin

Update Archive

May 2019 Status Updates & News



Unclaimed coins paid to stakers Lump-Sum shortly after the 50 week launch phase. (Affected by LongerPaysBetter and BiggerPaysBetter bonuses) The charts below are estimates of average staker return (before bonuses) and before price ratchet (which tilts it towards early guys making more.) at 25% claim (2.85M BTC, 50% referred, 50% of Free Claimers and AdoptionAmplifiers stake.

If 75% of Free Claimers and AdoptionAmplifiers stake.


To onboard the 99% of the world that didn’t have BTC at the snapshot, and give referrers the ability to target that larger market. AdoptionAmplifier allows a copy of the unclaimed HEX, (WeAreAllSatoshi) paid to staker pool for users that send ETH to the contract. At the end of the day they receive HEX. Their % of that day’s ETH gets that % of that day’s HEX unclaimed coins from the day before

The more people that claim, the fewer coins are available through the AdoptionAmplifier. This has the added benefit of a visible ETH/HEX ratio daily, where the supply of HEX available gets lower and lower, if static or increasing demand, the ratio should go up.

That increasing ratio may act as a mental anchor for traders and exchanges. Being able to onboard users without middlemen is extremely awesome. More on ramps = more adoption. It’s better to have ETH to sell on exchange than need to sell HEX.

Free Claims

Auto-Stake 90% user can choose from 350 days to longer for more bonuses. Emergency-end stake available at 350d.


10% to bonus to referee (increases referrer pay too) You can refer people to the AdoptionAmplifier transform system which turns ETH into HEX.

Professional auditors have been retained. They start the August 12th and estimate 4 weeks required for completion.

First Blockchain CD (Certificate of Desposit).

Be early (20%), Referrer(20%), or Referred(10%).

Stake longer or larger (up to 310% shares).

Free for first 50 weeks if you hold BTC at snapshot.

Unclaimed coins paid to stakers week 50.

The % claimed coins and addresses both increase pay by the % .

Copy of unclaimed HEX available daily: Send ETH to contract, your % ETH by end of day = your % HEX. Origin gets copy of bonuses.

Base claims, interest, and adoption amplifier aren’t bonuses therefore it gets no copy from them. Free claims are autostaked 90% min 50 weeks.

“#HEX has unique value metrics unlike any other coin.
1. Stake Share price (only goes up.)
2. Total Stakes expiring over time graph.
3. Early/late end stake penalties profit to stakers. (Increases staker pay without inflation.
4. % of coins staking (less amplifies staker ROI HEX)”

HEX launch date: December 2, 2019

hex crypto on ethereum
hex crypto on ethereum
Visit to claim your coins.


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