Staker App Review — How to Stake HEX the BEST Way in 2021

Let’s be honest.

Most people aren’t interested in crypto because the user experience is terrible and they just don’t feel like learning the technical details.

Not everyone has time to figure out blockchain wallets, tokens, Metamask, ERC-20, gas fees, transfers, and staking.

This has prevented people from discovering one of the best projects in crypto — HEX.

Many people think HEX is a scam. They are wrong. They did not take the time to do any research and haven’t been following the project since its inception.

HEX has one of the best communities in all of crypto.


The HEX community has a few skilled developers that are not associated with the founding of the project. Their names are Stef and Firebun.

They have spent an enormous amount of time streamlining the HEX staking process to make it easy to onboard new users, and even give advanced users some amazing tools.

Staker App will provide an easy onramp to buy HEX, stake HEX, and even create staking ladders with one push of a button.

HEX Staking Ladders Explained

A staking ladder is when you set your HEX stakes to expire based on certain amounts of time, in order.

For example, instead of staking all of your HEX for fifteen years and waiting for it to mature, you can set it up so that you have a stake ending once a year.

Your first HEX stake might end after one year, then another in two years, then three years, all the way up to fifteen years.

This could also be done monthly or even daily if you wanted to, but that might require too much management.

How to Stake HEX with Staker App

Download Staker App here. You can also scan the official QR code on this page:

Set up your profile and create a smart address (which is an Ethereum address).

If you are able to swap, use the available onramps to add USD fiat, or crypto to crypto swaps.

Set your stake length and submit.

That’s it!

It really is that simple.

Staker App “Animal” Leagues Gamified

Staker App makes HEX staking fun by placing you in a “league” based on how many T-Shares you own.

The more T-Shares you own, the more HEX interest you are paid daily.

Depending on your T-Shares, you are in one of the following leagues:

  • Silent Shell — 0 T-Shares
  • Shy Shrimp — more than 0.000001% of T-Shares
  • Cool Crab — more than 0.00001% of T-Shares
  • Tinkering Turtle — more than 0.0001% of T-Shares
  • Swift Squid — more than 0.001% of T-Shares
  • Dabbing Dolphin — more than 0.01% of T-Shares
  • Super Shark — more than 0.1% of T-Shares
  • Winning Whale — more than 1% of T-Shares
  • Prosperous Poseidon — more than 10% of T-Shares

Download Staker App now!

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